The Shades of War

Tales of wars have made best-selling stories and that trend is bound to continue. ‘The men fight the war and the women tell the stories’, actually, not just the women, but anyone who survives a war would pride in telling its tales. The best stories come out of the worst experiences I have come to discover, and war stories are not left out. The blacker and darker and bloodier the war, the more interesting the story would be. So it all got me wondering how something so good and interesting could come out of such dark and bloody events. Then it began to get clearer. We all fight wars in our everyday lives. We are used to the fact that we refuse and accept offers and situations as a daily routine and every war is hinged on the acceptance or rejection of an offer or a situation. Wars are simply the outcomes of strong decisions.
The story is inspired by the constant warring situation in every aspect of life, even in the Christian faith. The Christians have decided to part with the world and follow Jesus as Lord, but the world’s system is so designed by its craftsman, the devil, to crumble that decision. The consequences of that decision to separate from the world, is what we see every day. Consequently, for every single occurrence, event, just name it, in this world, there is an interplay between the decision of the Secessionists and the determination of the Dictatorship state. The whole world’s story becomes an action tale, seems interesting to me. I just hope I haven’t said too much yet.
However, the story does not intend to really focus on the war. Then what does it intend to really focus on?… The Shades of War.

Grow expectation…The stage is set!

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