The Shades of War – 9

‘If he were to be okay as you have said, he would have replied my letter by now.’ Hot tears escaped in single streaks from both eyes. She had closed her eyes so hard to keep them in, but with the pressure they had amassed, there was no stopping them. Her voice was also crackling now and thick saliva extended from one lip to the other as she let the burden in her heart escape through her mouth, but they never finished. Her heart only got heavier and hotter with every speech she made. ‘I know him. I know him.

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The Shades of War – 3


Shades of war

‘The real men’, he sighed at his thoughtlessness in referring to them as ‘real men’. Could any of these men qualify for real men? They were all men without pride and honour. His rage heightened in his hiding place. He had zoomed through his hiding place in the speed of light and unnoticed, and in slow motion, stabbed all those ‘real men’ in their hearts one by one, switching the dagger from his right to left as he deemed fit, and twisting it with every stab to ensure every artery, vein or tissue were left disjointed and irredeemable. He stared with bloodshot at their wasted bodies lying in the pool of their own blood and was gratified. He opened his eyes and it had all happened in his head. Continue reading