Chideraa in Nigeria’s History 7

Story Seven: Chideraa in Insecure Nigeria

Part Three

“Despite the clamour about a corrupt government, President Obasanjo has clearly achieved some level of stability in the economy. Also, in 2001, he brought in MTN, a telecom company, into the country and that is why you are enjoying GSM now.” Obierika’s friend, Maduka, a staunch supporter of President Obasanjo and a PDP member was trying to convince Obierika to vote for Obasanjo in the forthcoming election polls. Continue reading


Chideraa in Nigera’s History 7

Story Seven: Chideraa in Insecure Nigeria

Part Two

Chideraa grew taller and more intelligent as he grew older. He was now thirteen years old and was in JSS 3. The presidential election was organized in March 1999 and everybody rejoiced as Olusegun Obasanjo, who was a former military Head of State, emerged winner. Every student had to memorize his full name and title because it was asked in every Current Affairs section of Quiz competitions Continue reading

Chideraa in Nigeria’s History 6

Story Six: Chideraa and Corruption

“All indiscipline, corruption, squandermania, misuse and abuse of public office for self or group aggrandisement which had assumed debilitating proportions in the last few years would be dealt with ruthlessly no matter whoever may be involved…” The new Military Head of State, General Muhammadu Buhari hadn’t even finished his address yet, but Chideraa already loved him completely. Continue reading