Greatest Lover of All Time

Thou Ruler of the Heavens
Wonder and Splendour and Power
Thou Creator of living and non living
Authority, Dominion are yours forever.

My heart is forever yours
Not because I’m compelled to
I wouldn’t withhold one even if I had two
You won all of me on the cross.

Your blood, Your blood, Your pain
My ransom, my ransom, my gain
Your cross, Your cross, Your death
My life, my life, my birth

Your sovereignty respects my will
Your love is the source of my zeal
My manliness is lost in your presence
You drain me of ambition and fill me with essence.


Nations Cry

From the depth of emotions
For the dying visions
I set my eyes upon nations
So forgotten and in incarceration

How precious the gift of freedom
How determinant the power of decisions
How hardened the hearts that do not see
How insignificant the truth could be.

Is it not the truth that sets free?
How come it has done nothing for me?
I know it like the back of my palms.
I’ve sang it more than I’ve sang the Psalms.

I’m in chains of course I know
My life lies mortgaged, that’s for sure
My hands are clean, still I serve my term
I’m just a prisoner of a failed system.


Inspired by a visit to Ikoyi Prisons, Lagos.

Titled by Ayomide (a cool colleague).

The Bond Free Man


Why does my heart love you,

And then wish it was independent of you?

Why does your will bring pain?

And then fulfilling it joy and gain?

Why does my strength fail,

And my hands grow pale

When I realise I’m far from you?

Why must I be close to you?

Are you for real? Sometimes I ask

Is believing in you such a great task?

I try to wish you did not exist

So I would be free from you at least

You should have just made me your servant

Or better still left me totally free from your command

But you have made me more than just a servant

And yet I must do all your bidding and command

I once was free and bond and damned

But now I’m free and bond but saved

You gave me life by taking my life

Now I have a life that isn’t mine

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Having Done All


Having done all to stand, stand.
The victory lies not in preparation.
Though preparation lays the foundation,
the victory comes by taking the stand.

Having done all to love, love.
Conviction lies not in our feelings.
Though feelings may transcend to dealings,
conviction comes by expressing the love.

Having done all to believe, believe.
Reward lies not in hearing the word.
Though the word be the battle sword,
reward comes only to those that believe.

Having prepared your heart is never enough.
Having felt the need to love is not sufficient.
Having heard the word one may still be deficient.
What wilt thou do when the road turns rough


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Shadow Cast

shadow cast

Several eyes beam their lights on me and lo a cast.
It’s my look-alike, but yet so dark and doesn’t last.
It gives me several looks, of some I know, like my past.
Also, of some that hurts, like I’m no good or an outcast.

It attaches itself to my feet while I walk.
So long as the eyes beam it would stalk.
Are you me? I ask, but it wouldn’t talk.
It shrinks me at times and at others, methinks I’m a hulk.

We have similar features and semblance,
And we make same twists and turns while we dance,
When the eyes don’t beam, I bemoan its disappearance;
because I do remain but unaware of my relevance.

It could possibly be faster than I think.
Maybe it moves only when my eyes blink.
Someday I stretched my hands to offer a drink.
But it wouldn’t face me and that made my heart sink.

Was on a lane one chilly night where eye beams were four directional.
Staring at the floor, I pondered ‘which one was my original?’
Four casts on the floor; which of them was to me cardinal?
I sure knew I was lawful, but all four casted a criminal.

Saddened and overwhelmed, I scurried to flee the eyes into the dark.
The only place I knew was where the casts doth existence lack.
Away from the eyes, I felt much safer in the chancy black.
Fell asleep in the cold night with darkness as my ark.

The sun rays had fought my eyes and eventually won
I stretched my weary body to embrace the airy dawn
The cast! The cast! Single and petite, must be the sun.
I was used to the sun’s cast of me, so my fears were gone.

I saw I was alone and thirsty in some nearby village,
blessed with a flowery lonely Rock of ceaseless spillage.
I surged to drink and also to relish the fragrance of fresh sage.
Lo, right before my eyes as I scooped – lay my true image.

Was this true? Could this be truly what I looked like?
Beautiful, spotless, with a price unaffordable yet ever on the hike?
The eye beams always casted me a no-good, like a rounded spike.
Awed, I stood beholding the me I prized and then; like a lightning strike.

I have to leave this Rock! This village! This instant!!
Too many unattended issues and clients lie distant.
I galloped with hurry, must trade for I was a busy merchant.
Lo, my casts returned in different forms, none to me was pleasant.

Though I made some money, it never satisfied.
There was so much to do with it, my needs never died.
O! At that Rock I felt no need and thought my heart had lied –
the cast of the Rock did swallow my cast, so embittered I cried.

Shall I return for just a look or even to abide?
The houses built, the clients won, the horses that I ride.
From whence shall I flee from the eyes and my casts forever hide?
The same village where I own nothing but the Rock and its ceaseless tide.

T. Masterpiece


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