The name “The Masterpiece” is gotten from the scripture, Ephesians 2:10 [NLT]. God’s masterpiece I am, THE very best of all His collections. You are too, better put, you could be too, but it’s up to you to determine how particular you are about being God’s best piece of art. Your position in this matter lies in your perspective.

The Masterpiece’s Pen, is an instrument which The Masterpiece uses in painting a unique picture of life for what it truly is through God’s point of view, the right perspective. It employs the use of fiction and various literary devices to create artistic lines, portraits and letter paintings of this unique view of life, a lot different from the conventional. The website aims at taking its followers outside of their own world, to a realm where they can view life without the interference of their personal struggles and leave them dazed, empowered, enlightened and inspired to come back to reality, face their struggles and overcome.

Through God’s perspective, we discover that life is a lot simpler, more blissful and appreciable. The world’s system aims to complicate things, blind our eyes to this wholesome perspective and feed us with lies and half-truths, thereby marring our faith in Christ and restraining us from fulfilling our God-given purposes.

These letter paintings may appear as short poems, excerpts of a prose work, story episodes or in any genre of literature available to The Masterpiece’s use, via the inspiration of The Potter Himself. Every single piece is focused on giving us a unique view of life, a lot different from what the ordinary man may want to believe. The site aims at making its audience embrace God’s own perspective as their personal perspective, so that they are transformed into God’s Masterpieces, His very best pieces of art. How wonderful it is to know how much we individually worth in God’s sight? The basis of everything written is scripture and in scripture its truth stands.

So come on and find out for yourselves what the true picture of life is. Though it’s fiction, it’s not ecstasy. It’s simple reality. Yea, there is a synergy between fiction and reality. You would soon discover that the hidden realities of life are found in simple foolish things.

Life is vanity, yet should be fruitful and appreciable; and sometimes, it takes only the foolish to understand.

Keep exploring!

T. Masterpiece