The Masterpiece's Pen


‘Call me Lucy Drake, Barrister Lucy Drake. It might sound a bit awkward that a male bears Lucy – take it or leave it! But don’t bother me. This is who I am and who I’ve always wanted to be…’ He panted repeatedly, his forehead wet with sweat. His heart couldn’t produce words any further, he dropped to the floor, pushed the stop button, recording stopped. He passed out.

He removed his earplugs and put on his black slim fit Amarni Collezioni tux on a white shirt and striped black tie, stole a glance at his silver chain wrist watch, 8:30am, got into his black Hyundai Elantra and zoomed off. The CEO of Ivory Towers Plc (CSACs largest investment in Lagos) was just about 50 kilometres away or less. He had to be quick if he didn’t want to get stuck in traffic at the over-utilized Lagos Third Mainland Bridge…

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