In the Mind of the Blind

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How beautiful are the walls on the street

So gigantic they extend to the heavens

Like guardian angels they guide my path

Some have skin rashes, others don’t, but they all stand tall alike.


How colourful are the winds of the evening

It blows over the earth and darkens the sky

Its tender whistling dispels the noisomeness of the day

And beckons humanity to embrace its gift of tranquillity.


How priceless is the light of the sun

It gives life to plant and sight to men

Without it, all men would be just like me

Then being me wouldn’t be special anymore.


‘Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’; my hands behold

Colour, a matter of perception; my heart perceives

Price is measured in value; my purpose is of immeasurable value.

Sight could lose its attraction in the mind of the blind.


T. Masterpiece


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